If you've ever taken a nap or snoozed in a hammock you've felt the breeze, usually underneath you.如果您曾经小睡过或在吊床上打过,通常会在您的身下感受到微风。 You may have also experienced the sag, difficulty getting your blanket wrapped around you and—of course—awkwardly getting in or out of your sleeping bag and the hammock (especially in pitch black).您可能还经历了下垂,难以将毯子缠在您周围的问题,当然也难以进出睡袋和吊床(尤其是黑色沥青)。

Of course, most of these problems aren't unique to hammocks—they also happen with many tents!当然,这些问题中的大多数并不是吊床所独有的-它们也发生在许多帐篷上! But the problem of cold is something that can defeat even the mightiest of hammock campers.但是,寒冷的问题甚至可以击败最强大的吊床营员。

Many campers try a hammock once and then never go back.许多露营者尝试过一次吊床,然后再也不回去了。 Even when the weather is perfect in daytime the temperature is likely to drop at night and so begins the number one problem with hammock camping: dealing with cold air and wind.即使白天的天气非常理想,晚上的温度也可能会下降,因此开始了吊床露营的第一大问题:应对冷空气和风。



The problem with cold weather camping and hammocks isn't a mystery: hammocks were created in the jungles.寒冷的露营和吊床的问题并不是一个谜:吊床是在丛林中创造的。 Jungles have plenty of trees and far too many bugs, so jungle-dwellers figured out a brilliant solution: sleep above ground and stay cool and unbitten.丛林中有许多树木,虫子太多,因此丛林居民提出了一个绝妙的解决方案:在地面上睡觉,保持凉爽而不被咬。

If you are thinking of camping in Michigan this fall (for example), it might seem like a hammock is a poor choice.例如,如果您想在今年秋天在密歇根州露营,那么吊床似乎是一个糟糕的选择。 But think again.但是再想一想。

It turns out there are new, improved and frankly incredible hammock systems that make using cold weather accessories a billion times easier.事实证明,有新的,经过改进的,坦率地说令人难以置信的吊床系统,使使用寒冷天气的附件变得容易十亿倍。 Three-point hammock systems create a firm, almost rigid bed—perfect for an inflatable pad and far less hassle when it comes to getting into and out of your sleeping bag.三点式吊床系统可创建牢固的床,几乎是刚性的,非常适合用作充气垫,而进出睡袋的麻烦则更少。 No sagging means happier bagging.没有下垂意味着更快乐的装袋。


当与帽子,绝缘枕头和/或木乃伊袋组合使用时,三点式系统(请参见 拉伸产品)表示您不再需要携带或搭建帐篷。 You can dream sweetly as you hang in the air, above the cold ground or snow.当您悬挂在寒冷的地面或大雪之上的空中时,您可以甜蜜地做梦。 And these systems offer the bonus of adding the accessories below without doing gymnastics.这些系统的好处是无需进行体操就可以在下面添加附件。




  1. 务必睡在细长的泡沫(或更好的)充气垫上, 自充气垫 是炸弹!
  2. 务必使用枕头,最好是能膨胀的枕头,以增加空气的填充和保暖性。
  3. 选择一种木乃伊式的睡袋,以帮助吸收体内的热量。
  4. 戴上帽子(羊毛很棒,但合成纤维也可以)。
  5. 除了使用睡袋衬里外,还可以使用顶部被子(基本上是一条额外的毯子),这样可以更轻松地上下床。
  6. 用防水布或飞蝇捕捉热量。

Hammocks are especially vulnerable to even slight breezes, which is why #6 matters.吊床特别容易受到微风的吹拂,这就是为什么#XNUMX很重要的原因。 Most campers will bring a tarp or other wind resistant fabric to camp with anyway, and wrapping it around your body when hammock sleeping is a good plan.无论如何,大多数露营者都会携带防水布或其他防风织物露营,当睡床是一个好计划时,将其包裹在您的身上。 One last tip: don't camp in a hammock in extreme cold.最后提示:请勿在极端寒冷的环境中扎营。 The earth is insulating and when it gets super chilly, you need Mother Earth to wrap you in her warm arms.地球是绝缘的,当超级寒冷时,您需要地球母亲将您包裹在温暖的手臂中。

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